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August 2021 | President

Christine E. H. Landa

Dr. Dale Monroe is compassionate educator, a mentor to many, a true family man, and a thoughtful leader whom I have the utmost respect for. Having seen first-hand his authentic and genuine style, I trust his disciplined and inclusive approach that has allowed school districts, boards of directors, and community groups the tools to navigate change, grow from opportunities and challenges, and chart the course of inclusive, positive outcomes. Dale is someone you go to for advice. He is a networker of people and solutions. He is a friend to many. And Dale always finds a way to help you feel a part of the team. If you haven’t had the privilege to meet Dr. Dale Monroe, I encourage you to get to know him. He will listen to you and hear what you have to say. His advice is keen and his intentions pure. That’s what makes him a dynamic leader and meaningful friend. You won’t regret the time you spend with him and he won’t ever forget you.

August 2021   |   Co-Owner

Priscilla Steele

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dale Monroe as a candidate for the Marion City Council. I have often recalled the time when the Board of Directors of the Marion Arts Festival selected Dale to oversee the complex process of transition from one festival director to another. From the beginning, the excellence of the Marion Arts Festival has continued as a phenomenon- an event of cosmopolitan quality in a small Iowa town. Throughout its history, and since that early, pivotal moment, in 2001, Dale’s organizational skills and leadership have proven indispensable.

With a breadth of experience working with school communities throughout Eastern Iowa and beyond, as well as prominent local institutions: the Marion Public Library, MEDCO, The Chamber of Commerce, Farmers State Bank, and the YMCA, to name only a few, I am proud to support Dale’s candidacy for a seat on Marion’s City Council.

August 2021   |   Retired

Clark Weaver

A community leader has to be an active listener, willing to research the facts of any issue and to make an informed decision for all the citizens of the Marion community.

Since Marion is a city experiencing tremendous growth, it needs leaders who are not only concerned with present issues but with future needs that will meet the needs of this anticipated growth. Dale Monroe has that leadership ability and experience to represent all the citizens of Marion fairly and responsibly.

October 2021   |  Life Long Marion Resident

Brad Neilly

On November 2nd, Marion residents will have the opportunity to select their next at large city council member, a seat currently held by Randy Strnad. First I want to commend the entire council, including Randy, for their leadership of Marion’s strong residential and commercial growth.

I’m writing to support Dale Monroe (dalemonroe.com) who is running to join the council as an at large candidate. He has been a resident of Marion for over 40 years and has a demonstrated history of serving our community. Dale has significant leadership experience guiding both civic and educational organizations.

He currently serves on Marion’s Planning and Zoning Commission and has seen first hand the challenges a growing community must balance between growth and the stewardship of the infrastructure we have today. Dale understands that Marion needs to be out in front of development activities.

An example of this is the success of Prospect Meadows, the growth of East Town Crossing at IA-13/US-151, and the eventual connection of Tower Terrace Road. The city needs a proactive plan for development in this corridor rather than reacting to increasing development.

As Marion continues to Reach Higher I know Dale understands that he must listen to the citizens he represents, learn from the information gathered by specialists and experts, and then lead by setting direction that is in the best interest of the community of Marion.

Vote Dale Monroe for Marion City Council at large on November 2nd.

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